Who We Are


We are Federico e Marco, both 34 years old,

Italians guys from Rome, Italy . 

20 years ago we met in the high school and since then we have

grinded a long way !


Federico has had a long experince in the catering and sales industry until the 2015,then he changed his passion/hobby for the photography in a real profession.

For him the cherry on the cake has been when he had the opportunity to join the photography with another of his passions . . . travelling .

So he had the opportunity to take pictures and to go travelling at the same time. Federico lived and worked in United Kingdom, Mexico, Jamaica,

Sicily ( South of Italy ), Dominican Republic and in Indonesia . 

Since 2016 he works as travel agent, photographer and he discovered a big passion for the online world, the marketing, networking and the affiliations products .  

Marco as our friend above has had a longgggg experience in the catering industry and as organizer of any kind of event . During and after the studies Marco, that comes from a family catering business, has always activily worked in first line in many different contexts, he also participate in projects in United Kingdom, Ireland and Bolivia .

Back in Italy he improved a lot the family catering business, a very popular pizzeria and he opened a successful sandwich shop and fryer .

He has been the first person ever in Rome to convert a old 1980 caravan in a food track . 

After to have spent most of his life in the catering and events industry and after years that he didn't see Federico for reciprocal working and life commitments, he rejoined with him and they started to collaborate to different online businesses .

Be Online Now is one of them .


Why We Do This


Every one knows how much the world changes in the last 20 years .

We are among the last generations of people who grow up without

Internet, Socials Networks, Amazon, Smart Phones, Console Games etc. etc. 


Then suddenly everything came and most of our world changed meanwhile

we were growing . We had to adapt in a always faster and technological world !


We travelled and worked a lot, together and separate we had so many different experiences that we couldn't not slam into the internet world and its so many opportunities ! So we decided to create BE ONLINE NOW !


What We Can Do For You


On our website and blog you can find many useful information, books, trainings

and also our favorite tools that we use for our activities on internet .

Feel free to contact us to ask any question you have and subscribe to our

Newsletter !

We know our English is not perfect please let us know about any errors

you could find around the websIte . 

Take Care And Stay Strong Wherever You Are !

Federico & Marco 


we always work in different projects ! We are always brainstorming and thinking in something new, we will love to hear from you, tell us your name, where are you come from and let's stay in touch . . .

hopefully we will meet somewhere around our beautiful world !


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