What is a Blog ?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Web Log - The Blog is an online diary, a tool to publish opinions, knowledge and ideas. Anyone can start a blog and start writing to reach a larger or smaller audience, it depends on your skill. So what is a Blog ?

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The Blog - Web Log, diary on the net - was born as a dynamic website and saw its origin in 1997 thanks to Dave Winer. That is the developer of the first software to independently publish new articles. Because the content is the true essence.

What is a blog really? A diary? A pastime? A means to reach distant goals or to find new customers online?

The different from Blog and Web-site.

There is not real difference, because the blog is a type of website. However, there are different perspectives with respect to the static nature of a portal or an online showcase. The point is this: the Blog represents the movement, the continuous evolution. There are two fundamental characteristics of the blog which then make the difference with other sites: the perpetual change of the home page and the interaction. This Google appreciates it, and people recognize its value too.

Having fresh, or recently updated articles dedicated to a topic means being able to deal with the topic in the best way. And work on two different paths: to please Google and satisfy users.

The Strengths of the Blog

With the blog, however, an interactive phase opens in the relationship between the writer and the reader. The differences are clear: evolution of the contents and comparison with the reader. Now I want to deepen the question: what is a Blog? It mostly depends on you, on how you want to use it, on the perspective you have chosen.

What is a Corporate Blog?

The corporate blog is a tool that is included in a web marketing strategy to obtain benefits. People want information. And you have to give the answer. You have to be the best solution. A link, a tool to shorten the distance between those who seek and those who offer. You do this by offering your skills at no cost. In this way you find yourself. The Corporate Blog is an investment. In this case, I enter the activity of the freelancer, the freelancer, who wants to use the blog to promote their business. I repeat, the blog is an investment. Not an expense, not a cost but a way to earn more in the long run.

What is a Personal Blog?

The Personal Blog is something different from the corporate universe. You have no structures that hold you back. You are free to express your thoughts to let the words run on the sheet of paper. Personal blogging is a spectacular way to give creativity a voice. And to get people to read your work. This way you can expose the talent, you can make sure that there is feedback from the audience. Every form of creativity needs comparison. I want to know if what I wrote is worth and manages to conquer. But not only. The blog is also about introspection. It's a way to look inside yourself. I've always said: you have to find a way to write without a master. Only for yourself, to satisfy your expressive desire. What is a personal blog? An outlet, a way to express one's being.

Ok, now You know everythings about the Blog, are You ready to open yours ?

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